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Let's create a web based report for all your Bar Sensei data!!


Team Name will appear at the top of every web page as the header.

Username will be your unique web address. Needs to be all lowercase, no spaces numbers or special characters. For example if my username is 'bobshomegym'the your data will be located at

Your Assess2Perform login details are required. This is you giving permission for the data to turned into some fancy graphs. Your password will be encrypted and stored securely.

Your page will be built within 24 hours (often sooner)

For new users in your team and users that haven't recorded a workout in the past 8 days, data will be updated hourly

If you have recorded a workout within the past 8 days your individual data web page will be updated within 60 seconds after completing a set. This will include a full analysis and comparison against all your historical results